Friday, December 31, 2010

The Cure for "What-is-i-tus"...

After You've Begun To Train Your Thinking...

Jennifer a student once told me that as she began to train her thinking things started to get more fun.  At first she was feeling the pressure of life. She had just gotten fired from her job because she wouldn't do things that went against her principles. She was worried about how the pressure of loosing her job and the lose of income would effect the new may-be boyfriend she had just started seeing. Because she had no clue about how the mind works or how to train her thinking, she was suffering from 'what-is-i-tus'. 

Everyone knows what 'What-is-i-tus is right?

'What-is-i-tus"'is the dis-ease many people suffer from when they focus their attention on what is happening right here and now and assume (they add the meaning) that the future is based on what is happening right now.

Most people do not know the 1st Forgotten Fundamentals of Life, much less all the Forgotten Fundamentals of Life . The 1st Forgotten Fundamental of Life is "The Individual is the Meaning Maker". And without remembering this 'what-is-itus' is usually the dis-ease people catch. And they don't know how to get rid of it.

Jennifer felt that some of the short-cuts I was teaching her had really, really helped as well. She really liked the tip in the Heart Space training about "Celebration" and it made all the difference in the world when she remembered to apply it. 

With the addition of This One Secret it is another simply way to easily get rid of what you do not want and naturally enjoy the things you do want.

What causes 'What-is-itus'?

Now discussing this from the "Everything Is Energy" POV makes this a lot easier to understand. Everyone has a definition of Positive and Negative and everyone understands the concept of positive and negative energy. Positive energy flows in the direction of what you want and negative energy flows in directions that you do not want.

A couple of things you may not have considered and yet can be very valuable to you is...
  1. Positive/Negative is a judgment and  
  2. judgments ALWAYS hooks you 
So what is the problem with getting hooked and making a judgment? It keeps the "A" principle from working for you. What is the "A" principle? ALIGNMENT
  • Alignment of you and what you want
  • Alignment of you with YOU
  • Alignment to be healthy
  • Alignment to have all the money you need and want
  • Alignment to have the relationship(s) that will make you the happiest

What does it mean to get hooked?

Energy is designed to flow (not be blocked). You, the individual, are energy. When you get hooked the energy that is designed to flow through you gets restricted, blocked, held up, or resisted in other words HOOKED. When your energy is flowing as it is designed too it is unhooked.

How does one get hooked?

When you receive information (energy is light and information, i.e. vibration) in through your senses or you make it up inside your mind. You interpret that information through your filters (identity, meta-programs, values and beliefs) and depending on how your identity and meta-programs are set up you take that information and make one of two decisions.
  1. A decision of success.
  2. A decision of defeat.
Either decision becomes a judgment. All beliefs are judgment. A judgment or a belief are conclusions and as my Grampa Vetter once said, "A conclusion is where you decide to stop thinking." 

The challenge with Judgments and beliefs is that they are hooks. There is nothing wrong with hooks if you know what to do with them and how to unhook when needed. The trouble is most people do not have a clue how to unhook their energy or change their decisions of defeat or success to neutral (which will unhook you immediately).

The quickest way to shift judgments which hook you to calibrations which carry you is This One Secret.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Answers To Your Questions; Solutions To Your Problems...

“This One Secret” is YOUR BEST ANSWER EVER!!!

“This One Secret” is…
The Fundamental Secret,      The Foundational Secret,        
The Master Secret that makes all other secrets work better, faster and easier.
“This One Secret” is…
The Fundamental Key,            The Foundational Key,           
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“This One Secret” is…
The Fundamental Tool,           The Foundational Tool,            
The Master Tool that makes all other Mental Emotional Tools work better, faster and easier.

IF nothing is working for you and you don’t know what to do or where to start “This One Secret” will change all that and make it where everything works for you better, faster, and easier.

No need to stop whatever you are doing now to change your life for the better simply apply “this one secret” and it will make what you are using better, faster and easier.

“This One Secret” is extremely easy because even if you are not getting what you want you are already using this secret in reverse. 

I’ll show the simplest, easiest and fastest way to make “This One Secret” work for you.

“This One Secret” is responsible for …
Abiding Appreciation                             
Blissful Boundlessness 
Celebrating Clarity                                
Delicious Divinity 
Exciting Ease                                         
Fabulous Flow
Gracious Gratitude                              
Happy Harmony                       
Incredible Insight                                  
Jubilant Joy 
Kindred Kindness                                 
Luscious Liberty
Magnificent Magic                               
Natural Niceness
Open Opulence                                    
Peaceful Pleasure
Quiet Quality                                        
Realigned Riches 
Strong Steadfastness                           
Terrific Taste 
Undeniably Unassailable                      
Voluptuous Vitality
Wonderful Wealth                               
Xtreme Xtras
Youthful YES                                     
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Which Mind Are You Using...

A Faster Way
Are you really in control or are they? 

Before we get deeply into ways to get back control, let me ask you, "Now that you've discovered that your mind has two parts (conscious/sub-unconscious) and that they both have particular limitations and duties or parameters. What's important about using this information to your advantage?

Don't go any further until you have answered that question if you want to get away from pain and discomfort while learning to live happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser. If you want to have better relationships, health that is more vibrant and abundant wealth, answer the question before you read the next paragraph.

Now, considering the answer to, "What's important about using this information to your advantage", ask yourself, "What's important about that?" This answer is the one you can use to motivate yourself to actually use what you will be learning in this article.

If you really want to super charge your motivation, take the last answer you gave yourself and ask, "Ultimately, what's important about (last answer) and what will having (last answer) get me?"

Then simply add a sense of urgency, blended with a sense of desire into this last answer and "Walla"; how strongly can you feel the motivation growing now? If you were to salt that liberally with one of those power "YES's", you know the yes you feel when you do something you didn't think you were going to be able to do and you do it anyway. That kind of "YES"! How powerful does that feel?

Now you could also, after learning these simply skills and patterns, imagine already haven been using them in your past for the last thirteen months. What would your future look like, sound like and feel like if your responses in the future were the new responses that you have been practicing for the last thirteen months?

Now Grampa Vetter would ask, "Wouldn't they now be old responses that are better than the old responses you would have had if you hadn't taken on the new responses that are now old?" He also said, "Give me ambiguity or give me something else!"

To review let's look at the parameters of both the conscious and the sub-unconscious parts of our mind. By knowing the parameters we can see the limits, duties and responsibilities of each part of our mind.

The "Conscious" Mind Parameters:

  1. It focuses 
  2. It makes value judgments (understands right/wrong-good/evil) 
  3. Creates it's own logic.
  4. Analytical
  5. Evaluates
  6. It is the captain
  7. Has little power to accomplish things
The "Sub-Unconscious" Mind Parameters:

  1. Goal seeking mechanism
  2. Takes everything literal
  3. Motivated by pain/pleasure
  4. Unable to comprehend right/wrong
  5. Processes language
  6. Looks for patterns
  7. Unable to process negation
  8. Likes to play and please
The Best Communication Tool

One writer likens the "sub-unconscious" mind to a young child. He believes he has never met an unconscious over the age of seven. I don't know if he is right or not and yet, the concept that we respond and communicate with our "sub-unconscious" part as if we were teaching a child we love is very, very useful.

From this model, it may become apparent, communication between the conscious and sub-unconscious is the real key to getting anything done. It also makes it obvious why so many people have problems or think they are broken. When in reality they aren't broken, they have simply failed to learn how to communicate with themselves.

Because the truth is you, work perfectly. Everything that we get in our lives is because we have programmed or allowed to be programmed into us. That is why some people seem to get what they want and others never do. Now we at least have a model we can use to even the playing field.

Is how we are communicating to ourselves helping us get what we want or is it holding us back? Is it moving us in the direction where we want to go or is it allowing us to blame something or someone else for what is going on? Is how we are communicating empowering us or dis-empowering us?

Since we cannot not communicate, what are we communicating to ourselves first? Feelings of blame, shame, guilt, fear or not quite measuring up are all things we have communicated to ourselves based on the value judgments and evaluations of our conscious mind and the mind-read we have attached to others' communication. Well the truth of the matter is, they are just communicating what is going on inside of them and it is no more the true than what is going on inside of us.

What if on the conscious level we realized, "there is no such thing as blame, shame, guilt, fear or not quite measuring up." There is just feedback we can use to calibrate to what we want and make the adjustments that move us closer to our goals.

Naturally, as we were to take everything as Feedback consciously, we easily move in the direction of what we want as opposed to what we don't want. When we consciously take everything as feedback our sub-unconscious looks at where we are going and looks for a pattern that will get us there with the most pleasure.

A Reminder...

The Sandwich of Communication is... (how misunderstanding come about)

I know what I mean when I say something.
You know what you mean when you say something.

I don’t really know what you mean by when you say something.
You don’t really know what I mean by when I say something.

I think I know what you mean when you say something.
You think you know what I mean when I say something.

Since we communicate first with ourselves, it is imperative that we learn to language ourselves in the most useful way possible. The first thing we can do to help ourselves is to take any negative self-descriptions, any problems that are presenting themselves to us at this time and anything that is limiting us in the past tense. As an example, you can use the phrase “Up until now” this and that, or “In the past” thus and so.

Another powerful thing we can do is replace the word “but” with the word “and". Everything behind the word "but" is canceled out. “You’re doing a good job, but…” Change it to “You’re doing a good job and…”

Like Grampa Vetter used to say, “No boubt adout it, Grandma’s sweeter when she says she loves me ‘and’…. It’s when I hear the ‘but’ that I know it’s gonna be my butt. Because "But” means my butt is going to pay".

Another thing that will really help us is replacing the world “can’t” with the more honest word “won’t”. This allows us to be more responsible to and for ourselves.

We also want to substitute the word “could” for the word “should". Do this experiment. Say, “I should do this”. Then say, “I could do this”. Which feels better? “Should” will probably feel heavier and “could” should feel lighter. OK “could”, could feel lighter.

All the words like should, must, have to, need to, which limit our ability are easily replaced with words like can, will, could, able to and it's my choice to etc. These words of possibility allow our engine to run on high-grade rocket engine fuel.

One other word (and this is a word you will eliminate completely) is “try". I want you to read this line of print and then I want you to “try” and read this line of print. What is the difference between reading and “trying” to read? The difference to your sub-unconscious, because it takes things literally, is the word “try” which presupposes failure. Eliminate the word “try” and replace it with a word such as “will".

A useful way to respond to unwanted information (insults, criticisms and guilt statements) is to begin your response with: “I appreciate and… I respect and… or I agree and…”

When someone says, “You are absolutely wrong” about this situation, you could easily respond, “I respect the strength of your feelings in regard to this, and I think if you were to fully hear my side of the story you, might think things differently.

These are but a few of the ways to communicate, mostly with ourselves, so that we are taking into consideration how our engine (sub-unconscious) runs so that we can finally get the great results that we have always wanted.

If you want this article to be more than just some good information, let me suggest that you apply the first part of this article to the last part because the answer to, "Are you in control or are they?" is they are! They being our conscious mind and our sub-unconscious mind combined.

If you really want the way to direct and control both your conscious and sub-conscious get "This One Secret"

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Are You Really In Control or...?

Are You Really 
In Control 

As a student of the mind, I understand, you like me are interested in how things work, more specifically how to be in control of ourselves and also what happens to us so that instead of struggling we can enjoy life, in other words how to be at cause, in control of our life. Like my Grampa Vetter said, "Speaking to you as a person with great curiosity, I know you're interested in more than simple things like, how do wisdom teeth get smarter than regular teeth."

Did you know that the word psychology, according to the dictionary is the study of how the mind works? Being curious about social beliefs and patterns, I've always been fascinated by people's thoughts and beliefs about how things work. What I've found, most of us are caught up in the trap of "why" things work the way they do. This is like a dog trying to catch his tail. We go round and round and simply wear ourselves out.

"Why did this happen?" "Why are you like this?" "Why did I do this?" "Why does this always happen to me?" "Why, Why, Why?" "Why do we normally ask the question "why"?"

That is a fair question but one of the reasons psychology is the study of "how" the mind works and not "why" the mind works is because of the way the human engine works.

Ok, what is the human engine and what does it have to do with me being in control or not? The human engine is the mind and unfortunately growing up they didn't tell us very much about how the mind works. Educators, parents, teachers and friends didn't tell us how the mind works. They never set us down and explained, "These are the parameters of your mind. Use them this way and you will get what you want. You will control your life and what happens to you."

WHY? I don't know why. We could speculate, they didn't know. They didn't know how important it is. They did know and wanted to control us. They may have never considered the consequences. Whatever the reason why, up until now this important key to understanding if and how to be in control has not been know by most people.

In fact, most people have such misconceptions about our minds and how it works that we have attached unrealistic beliefs and superstitions to our understanding of the mind. Because we have no real understanding of our mind and its parameters, we ignore and explain away what happens to us, and how we feel, as outside of our control.

To start with, let's look at a model of the brain. There may other models but for our purposes, we'll use this one for now. This useful model divides the mind into two parts. The conscious part, which is 12% and the unconscious or subconscious part that is 88%. Some people even divide the un/subconscious into different parts also, so that there are three parts to our mind.

However, for purposes of workability (having a model that gets results) we will use the 12/88% model (conscious plus unconscious/subconscious). Each part of the mind has distinct duties, roles, limitations or parameters. In other words, the limitations/parameters each has are responsibilities that allow the mind to be very useful in getting things accomplished.

The problem comes in when we confuse or misunderstand what each part of our mind is responsible for. The secret of having and keeping control of and for ourselves is in understanding the roles of each part of our mind.

Naturally, as we begin to understand the roles of each part of the mind we can begin to see how we can use them to our advantage to have the control we want and easily get what we need to live happy, healthy, wealth and wise lives.

First, let's start with that part of our mind we are most familiar with, the conscious mind. The parameters of the conscious mind are things like:

The Conscious Mind Parameters:
  1. It focuses 
  2. It makes value judgments (understands right/wrong-good/evil) 
  3. Creates it's own logic. 
  4. Analytical 
  5. Evaluates  
  6. It is the captain  
  7. Has little power to accomplish things
That last one number 7) is usually a real shocker for people to get a handle on because since the conscious part of our mind is the part we are most familiar with we think that is were all the power is. This plus the lack of knowledge of the parameters of the unconscious and how to use them to our advantage is the number one reason so many people are unable to get what they really want out of life.

It is the main reason people settle for less than their best. Number 6) "It is the captain" is very important when we discover what the parameters of the unconscious are.

If we were to think of a captain of a ship, we understand the captain gives the directions but it is the engine that actually does the work of following out the orders of the captain. It is imperative that the captain and the engine room speak and understand the same language. Otherwise, there will be mis-communication and misunderstanding while the ship, try as it might, will not get to its intended destination, right?

Are you starting to get a sense of the power this information will give you? Obviously, as you begin to incorporate this into your thinking your success will be easier and faster. How good does it feel to realize, the more you apply what you're learning the more successful you will become?

What if we quickly made the discovery that, the action of our sub/unconscious determines the outcome of whether or not we get what we want? Wouldn't it be more than interesting to understand how the sub/unconscious works? I mean what are the parameters this part works within.

This part is where our emotions come from. It is where all of our memories are stored. Where everything we have ever seen, hear, felt, tasted, smelled or said to ourselves is stored. This part of us cannot understand right or wrong. However, it does understand pain or pleasure.

Think about it like this, our sub/unconscious is like an engine that only goes in one direction-forward. It is unable to go backwards, sideways or neutral, it only goes forward.

Before I list the parameters of the sub/unconscious, let's talk about its inability to understand right and wrong. Right and wrong are value judgments, determined by unconscious patterns established by a conscious decision of defeat. Feelings are different from emotions.

They are stimuli attached to a certain thought, word or action. Feelings and emotions are produced from our sub/unconscious and values judgments such as right and wrong are made from the conscious part of our mind.

When we understand that every thing we do is powered by the sub/unconscious and has a positive intention (receiving some form of pleasure) behind it we make a giant leap in how to work with this part of us and go a long way in understanding the sub/unconscious. This is why we do things that in the end may not be as useful or may even be considered wrong.

Then we go through the process of the conscious mind placing a value judgment of bad or wrong on the word, thought or deed just taken. Naturally, causing the sub/unconscious mind to change the feeling of pleasure to pain which the conscious calls a bad feeling, evil or wrong.

It's that feeling of doing what I don't want to do and not doing what I want to do. Like my Grampa Vetter would say, "I hate to repeat gossip, so I'm only going to say this once. I can resist anything but temptation."

The Sub/Unconscious mind Parameters:
  1. Goal seeking mechanism 
  2. Takes everything literal  
  3. Motivated by pain/pleasure  
  4. Unable to comprehend right/wrong  
  5. Processes language  
  6. Looks for patterns  
  7. Difficulty processing negation  
  8. Likes to play and please

Naturally being a goal seeking mechanism, it only goes in one direction – FORWARD! The next parameter is it takes everything literal and being motivated by pain/pleasure because it is unable to comprehend right/wrong, the sub/unconscious looks for patterns.

In addition, since it is very, very difficult to process negations and it likes to play and please this part of our mind doesn't understand when the conscious mind gets upset because it easily produced sadness. Since, the conscious said, "I don't want to be sad", and minus the negation "don't", the sub/unconscious was instructed, "I want to be sad".

The reason the sub/unconscious has difficulty processing negations is because it is the part of us that makes sense out of language. If you did not understand Japanese and I spoke Japanese words, they would not make sense to you because you do not have that particular language pattern stored in your sub/unconscious.

To prove it to yourself, DON'T think of a pink elephant in your bed. Naturally, to make sense of the sentence you have to think of a pink elephant in your bed before you can put the red circle with the diagonal line through it, which means don't do it. That is also a part of the reason when Groucho Marx's said; "I shot an elephant in my pajamas. What an elephant was doing in my pajamas, I'll never know." It made me laugh.

Naturally, the sub/unconscious gets confused because of the mixed instructions from the conscious and as any good engine would, so it doesn't work as well as it should.

However, This One Secret uses the exact nature of the Conscious-Unconscious paradigm to do the one thing you have always wanted. It is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.

Dr. Houston Vetter, aka DocResults, is an author, lecture and considered by clients as the best Mental Training Expert on the whole DARN planet. To get your FREE copy of “Train Your Thinking, The Power Portal for Long-Lasting Success To Contact Doc Houston

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